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This is a online course is to gain comprehensive understanding of Android App Development. The aim is to learn about how Android App Development can be done. The tutorials will help you learn about Java Essentials for Android Apps Development, Java Essentials OOPS Concepts and Exception Handling, Android basics and setting up SDK, Android UI components, Android Buttons, Intents, Toast Message, Spinner Message and Reader.Android is a new operating system which is based on Linux kernel. It has user interface based on direct manipulation, touch screen mobile phones, tablets and computers. This operating system takes input from touch screen with the help of human finger or touch stick.

We can swipe, tap, and pinch the screen to manipulate objects on screen. Now a Day we have multi touch option in android phones. This technology is also used in devices like televisions, digital cameras, game console and some other electronic devices.Android application is software for mobile application which runs on smart phones or tablets. We have several thousands of android applications on Google play store. We can download many applications from play store and use it on our devices.

Most of the applications in android are developed in java with the help of android software development kit. This development tool includes the libraries, debugging tool, and some sample code which helps to develop the android application. The format for android application is “.apk”.

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Android Course Modules

Introduction to Advanced Android

  • Overview of Android
  • Android SDK


  • History of Android


  • Android features


Resources for the phone

  • Storage
  • Network
  • Multimedia
  • GPS
  • Phone Service

Advanced Android source code project layout

  • Core projects
  • Packages
  • External projects


  • DexClassLoaders
  • About Zygote process and purpose of the process.


  • VmRuntime
  • How Class Loading happening.
  • How to get StackTraces


  • How VmStack is used when applications are running.


Project Structure

  • Root Contents
  • Project Files
  • The Manifest
  • Test your application on devic
  • Writing your first Advanced Android application
  • The Activity
  • Part of the Activit
  • Building, Running and debugging your application
  • Working with Advanced Android simulator

Using XML-Based Layout

  • What is an XML-Based Layout?
  • Why use and XML-Based Layout


  • Building custom views and layout


  • How does it work


Building Advanced Android Applications

  • Advanced AndroidManifest.xml file - the control file
  • Building activities
  • Using and developing Application widgets


  • Building and using services
  • Notifications
  • Building and using content providers
  • Building intents
  • Using Libraries
  • Google's guidelines for developing Advanced Android Applications

Data Stores

  • Overview of storing, retrieving, and exposing data
  • Preferences
  • Files
  • Managing and Accessing Local Databases
  • SQLite Databases usage and running SQL query from Application


  • ContentProviders
  • Data access over the network


Advanced Android Security Model

  • Overview of Advanced Android security architecture
  • User IDs and access control
  • Using, declaring and enforcing permissions
  • URI permissions
  • Signing application packages

Creating Intent Filters

  • What is an Intent Filter
  • Parts
  • Intent Routing
  • Narrow Receivers

Creating a Service

  • Parts of a Service
  • Implementing a Service
  • Implementing the Interface
  • Modifying your Manifest file
  • Invoking a Service
  • Connecting to a Service
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